Benefits of Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs which are often called x-rays are an essential part of your dental care.
Many patients come into our office and wonder if they really need an x-ray. X-rays can help dental professionals provide outstanding care.
A dental radiograph can give your dentist get a picture of your hard tissues (which is the teeth and bones) and the soft tissues that surround your teeth and jawbones.

Here are more benefits of dental radiographs.

• Helps dentist staff see tooth decay and fillings
• Can locate disease in the bones
• Can see gum disease
• Can recognize infections and tumors

Dental radiographs can alert us dental professionals to changes in your health, we can see how the teeth and jawbones are developing. Radiographs can help your dentist identify diseases and developmental problems before they become serious health issues. A X-ray is one of the best ways to have early detection. If you don’t visit your dentist regularly, oral health infections can occur.

Some of our patients ask if dental radiographs are safe because they can expose the themselves to radiation. There are several factors and health practices that work together to make dental radiography safe.

Know that the amount of radiation used in each x-ray session is very small. All dentist must follow close procedure.

If you are visiting a brand new dentist, make sure to provide him or her with copies of your existing radiographs. This can help avoid duplicating. This can also help limit your exposure to radiation.

Because of the extremely low radiation dose associated with dental radiographs, people who have often received radiation treatment for head and neck cancer can even undergo dental radiography safely.
In fact, head and neck radiation treatment can increase the risk of developing tooth decay, so it is important to visit your dentist and make the radiographs a priority.

Always tell your dentist if you are pregnant. During your pregnancy, you may need to have radiographs taken as part of your treatment plan for a dental disease that requires immediate attention. Use of the leaded apron and collar will protect you and your fetus from radiation exposure.

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